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When should you factory reset your device. Here is how it's done

Updated: Mar 16, 2023


Before you hit the reset button, you should understand what is going to happen and how to get everything back.

There does come a time when your device needs to be factory reset. Over time your device fills with files, thumbnails and miscellaneous data that is almost impossible to remove. Give it enough time and your device will start to slow down or not work the way it should.

We recommend this be done every 2 years or sooner if you are having significant issues.

We hear from customers saying their device is not like it used to be. This process can be done on any device and will probably fix issues you may be having.

This is something you can do yourself, we strongly suggest you read all the steps below and understand each part before you begin. You will need to install the Downloader App on your device after factory resetting your device, so you can install other apps easily.

FULL FACTORY RESET INSTRUCTIONS - read the steps before proceeding.

All files and software will be removed, some devices require specific instructions.

email us if you need assistance or have questions


Step 1 - Find and click on the reset Button.

For Amazon Devices - From the home screen, click settings, now click on device or My fire TV, scroll down to Reset to Factory defaults and click on it. now you will need to click it again to confirm.

For Android Devices. - click on settings. (each android version looks different) look for More options or more settings, now scroll down and look for Backup and reset.

Click on reset and confirm selection or it may say erase everything.

Step 2 - Wait

The device will do its thing and shut down, it may take up to 20 minutes for this process to complete. I can be done as quickly as 1 minute. Once complete it will load the home screen.

For Amazon devices - You will need to connect to your internet again if using Wi-Fi, as well as enter your amazon username and password to log into the device.

For Android devices- Connect to your internet if using Wi-Fi. just like you did when you received your device.

Step 3 - Unknown Sources

For Amazon devices - older firmware -> From the home screen, click settings, now click on device or My fire TV, scroll down to Developer options. You need to turn ON the option for "unknown sources" or for NEWER Amazon Firmware -> To enable developer options on your Amazon Fire TV, open the Settings Menu, and navigate to My Fire TV > About. Select your device's name 7 times, until you see "No Need, You Are Already a Developer." The Developer Options menu will then be accessible in your Settings.

For Android devices- You can skip this step.

Step 4 - Downloader App

You will need to install this app.

CLICK the link below to open up a new page about the ARCstream App, how to install and use it.

Step 6 - Install New files and software

Now you can install whatever app you like through the installer app.

For Android devices ONLY- You may have old versions of apps on your device, this may prevent new apps being installed, if you get an error message try uninstalling old versions first. To uninstall go to settings, apps, pick the app and click uninstall.

Learn what apps are good to install, here

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