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The GSE IPTV App is an Android app that works great on Amazon devices, Android boxes smart TV's and Android Phones include apple phone and iPads.  You can download this from the google play-store or Download and Install the LATEST IPTV Smarters PRO APP from the ARCstream Server or ARCstream APP.

For iPhones: download the App form the App store.

Instructions:  Open GSE IPTV

File Feb 13, 4 59 49 PM.jpeg
Accept the Agreement if notified.
Photo Feb 13, 5 04 41 PM.png
Click on the 3 lines,
Photo Feb 13, 5 07 42 PM.jpg
Click on xStream Codes API
Photo Feb 13, 5 08 10 PM.jpg
Click on the + sign
Photo Feb 13, 5 09 00 PM.jpg
Enter a Name: example ARC
Enter the server address:   this is a new address...
Enter Your username:
Enter your password:
All information must be correct or it will not work.
Press Login
Photo Feb 13, 5 10 31 PM.jpg
You will see new account here.
Photo Feb 13, 5 12 17 PM.jpg
Install EPG (electronic program guide) to install a guide.
Then click on LIVE at the top, all channels will load,
Photo Feb 13, 5 15 21 PM.jpg
Press the back button to return to the menu.
Close down the app after each use so it refreshes the channel list when you open it again.
For Help and advice with problems, read this LIVE TV troubleshooting Page
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