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What do I need?

All you need is an internet connection and a TV. That's it! All devices have WIFI built-in and most also include a LAN connection for Ethernet cable.


How does it work?

The media box streams everything through your internet connection to your TV. It uses software which is installed for you. We also are here to help you stay updated.


Do I have to pay anything extra?

NO, there are no fees, no subscriptions to watch TV. All content is free and streamed through the internet to your device.


There are premium apps (add-ons) on the market that you can subscribe to and pay for. These generally are for LIVE TV and for sports, we  recommend a few services that will get you amazing quality TV service at 80% discount on cable packages.  

 find out more HERE


Why choose ARCstream?

It's simple, we only choose the best devices, we have the latest software. Our Custom App and setup inside the software are what makes us better than the competition.

We also have amazing customer service, we offer technical support to all our customers through email, Facebook page, telegram app. 


I already have a device, what should I do?

All you need is the ability to follow our website instructions to get started with ARCstream. Download our ARCstream Installer App.

​Can I watch Movies still in the theaters?

Yes you can. As soon as a movie is released it is generally available to view, sometimes you can watch movies before they get released.


How long will it take to get, after I order?

We ship orders the next business day. (Monday - Friday). We use USPS mail for all US orders which includes a tracking number once shipped. Delivery is 1-7 days depending on your location. International delivery varies by location from 3 days - 2 weeks. You will receive an invoice for international shipping once we know the cost. 


What TV channels Can I watch? 

Free Apps are usually limited and quality varies.

Paid Apps

If you choose to pay for ARCstream LIVE or ARCstreamPLUS then there are virtually no limits to what channel you want to watch. 

What International languages are available?

Same answer as above. ARCstreamPLUS has channels from all over the globe. ARCstream LIVE is more dedicated to USA, UK and Canadian Channels. 


Can I cut my cable or get rid of the satellite company?

Absolutely! With our media boxes and help, you can stop paying $100 -$300 a month and cut that by 90%

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