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ARCstream Support Options


ARCstream has been around for many years. We help people get started with their devices, download apps, set up accounts, and help maintain their devices to keep them updated and working.  

You were probably recommended here by a friend or family member. 

There are premium services available you can sign up for, from 3rd party providers. 


There are two choices.  But both options below include streaming channels and there are thousands of channels included with both options. 

No Service or supplier is perfect, we always recommend you get ARCstreamPLUS which is a low-cost backup when a service, channel, or event is not working. 

Single stream - Basic - this allows you to stream on one device/stream at a time. You can log into as many devices as you like but can only use one at a time. 

This service has many channels from the US, UK, and Canada. This is best for General TV, entertainment, news, movies, etc....Although you can watch Sports, games, events, PPV. This is not as reliable as the Premium Suppliers below. 

Whole home/multi-stream Premium Accounts - As the name implies, This means you can stream up to 4 devices/streams simultaneously and it's on a premium supplier service for Sports and Events. You can log into as many devices as you like but you can only watch a maximum of four streams at the same time. You cannot share with family or friends or the supplier will lock your account and no refunds will be given. 

Great if you're a sports fan or like watching PPV. Baseball, Basketball, Football. this service does a great job.  You still get all the US, Canadian, and UK TV as well. 


This is a recommended backup service/supplier. 

It is paid yearly and is very low cost to help get you an alternative service for when things don't go as planned. It has General, entertainment, Movies, news, sports plus events.  If you get ARCstreamPLUS you must maintain  you LIVE support payments to continue using the service. 

We cannot guarantee any content as we do not operate or supply any contact ourselves. We can only offer support so there is no contract to sign, you can cancel anytime. 

How to contact us if you need help.


For the latest News, Server status.

Terms and conditions.


Internet Speed

Must have a supported device and HIGH-SPEED INTERNET for ARCstream LIVE.

A speed of AT LEAST 10 Mbps ON THE DEVICE you are using is recommended. A device with available memory and sufficient hardware are required. Any device older than 5 years old is not recommended. You should have 20 Mbps or higher for UHD content.




In order to qualify for a refund, you must first follow our support for troubleshooting. You must contact us for assistance. We will only refund if we determine our service is at fault.  If you experience issues due to slow connections or faulty devices you will NOT be refunded as these are out of our control.



9 times out of 10 you can fix issues yourself but following a few simple steps.

If you have a channel not working or buffering, see if it is happening on all channels, this indicates your connection is bad. Unplug your router and devices, check connection and speeds. try again.

Use our support group for instant help. download the Telegram app to your phone.

Telegram App is an instant chat messaging system. Detail below



Cancellation of service

You can cancel your service at any time by click on the cancellation form and filling it out. Cancellations take 48 hours to process during business hours. Do not share your account details. We can cancel your service at any time if you are abusing the ARCstream LIVE service.


*ARCstream LIVE and ARCstreamPLUS are the App names or renamed services. We do not supply any streamed content. This is from 3rd party suppliers. Due to the fact that we have not determined whether these services carry the proper licensing, Consider them unverified services. see our FAQ for more. 


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