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Server Status and App Guide for ARCstream LIVE and ARCstreamPLUS

Updated: Sep 30

If you do not know what ARCstream LIVE or ARCstreamPLUS is, please click here first.

Some APPS require you to enter the server address into the App to get logged in. Some do not. The latest Server addresses are below in case you need them for each service

ARCstream LIVE Server address:

ARCstreamPLUS server address:

ARCstream LIVE Status: Fully functional

ARCstreamPLUS Status: NEW SERVER 9/27/23

Use a new server address for IPTVsmarters app or other generic apps.

For people using ARcstream Apps. log out and log back in again if you are getting an error message.

Apps available to use:

Android is for Amazon Fire devices, Android Phones, Android TV boxes, and any other Android operating system device. All Android apps are available to download from our Installer App and some are available on the Google playstore (not all)
Apple has limited apps available to use due to more restrictions in the App store.

Below are some of the Apps to can use on BOTH the LIVE and PLUS services.

  • ARCstream LIVE App : latest version is v3.0 Android Only. You can log into both services on this one app and switch between them. (guide coming soon)

  • ARCstream XC LIVE App: latest version is v 4.1 Android Only. You can log into both services on this one app and switch between them. (guide coming soon)

  • IPTVsmarters- Guide is here - Apple and Android

  • Tivimate - guide coming soon - Android Only

  • GSEIPTV - Guide is here - Apple and Android

  • plus other generic IPTV apps


If you get an error message when logging in, double check what you entered is correct. If you believe it is correct, take a photo of your TV showing what information you entered and send it to us. then we can double check it is correct.

it is easy to get these letters wrong, These are all different kK, Ii, Ll, 0O, xX, Jj

(an uppercase i looks the same as a lower case L)


Check your router and your internet providers account. Makes sure you do not have any blocks on your router, restrictions, parental controls set etc....They will prevent you from logging in or to use the service.

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