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ARCstream LIVE TV Options

Get Live TV channels, Sports, Movies and more in beautiful HD

ARCstream LIVE and ARcstreamPLUS. Two amazing services with a slight twist

What is the difference between ARCstream LIVE and ARCstreamPLUS?

We recommend you get both ARCstream LIVE and ARCstreamPLUS for a few reasons but your are not required to do so. They are from different suppliers and do not have same lineup. 

1) No service is perfect, so when the ARCstream LIVE service is offline for maintenance or unexpected reasons, having a secondary service is invaluable.

2) ARCstreamPLUS is available for anyone currently. 

3) We make it easy to transition between the two services without having to close apps etc...

ARCstream LIVE

ARCstream LIVE is the main basic service that has been around for many years.

It is mainly USA, UK and Canadian Channels.

It does not have any "Video-on-demand" like Movies and TV shows.

The service is reliable, great quality and amazing value.

There is no contract to sign, you can cancel anytime

  • 200 + Premium USA Channels
  • 350+ USA Regional Channels
  • 100+ Canadian Channels
  • 30+ Kids Channels
  • 130+ UK channels
  • 200+ Sports Channels
  • PPV events 
  • ALL Major US Sports games, ARCstream LIVE has is covered!!
  • Latino Channels
  • Adult XXX channels included (can be removed)


ARCstreamPLUS is a Complete Entertainment streaming Service. Here is some of the available content.

  • 30,000+ Movies (on demand)

  • 4,000+ TV Shows  (on demand)

  • 10,000+ LIVE TV channels  (world TV, many countries are included)

  • Customizable Layout

  • With or without adult channels

  • Integrated into the ARCstream XC App or latest ARCstream LIVE App.  Swap between accounts with a few clicks

  • Extremely Low price for entire Year. ​

30,000+ Movies 

Movies are in all languages, most are not categorized. You can search for a movies to see if it is available.

Some categories are:

4,000+ English movies, 2,100+ English latest movies, IMDB top 500 Movies, Disney English Movies, Netflix movies, Anime, then there are Multi language categories including French 1,800+ Netflix French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Bollywood, Indian, Dutch, Polish, Russian plus many more etc.....

4,000+ TV Shows 

Very similar to the movie section, Most TV shows are in English and are kept up to date. You may request shows and we can ask the provider to add them, if they have it available, it will be added. Additional TV show Languages are in French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Bollywood, Indian, Dutch, Polish, Russian plus many more etc.....

10,000+ LIVE TV channels  (world TV, many countries are included)

​This maybe the most comprehensive list of LIVE TV from around the world we have ever seen. Each country has it own category, USA has multiple categories to to is size and number of channels.

This is truly world TV, All of Europe, Asian, Arabic, North and South America

Customizable Layout

​We can customize your layout, If you only want to see USA channels we can remove all others, If you want French and Portuguese TV we can hide all others. 

With or without adult channels

We can remove adult xxx channels if you do not need them. leave a note when checking out or contact us. 

Integrated into the ARCstream XC App. Swap between accounts with a few clicks.

The ARCstream XC App has access the the ARCstream LIVE service and the ARCstreamPLUS service. You can also use other Generic IPTV Apps like IPTVsmarters etc...

Deeply discounted for ARCstream LIVE subscribers

Only available to ARCstream LIVE subscribers at a low yearly cost.  We understand that no service is perfect so having two services is a great way to have a backup service just in case. When one service is offline for maintenance or unexpected reasons, you can simple use secondary service with little frustration.

How to contact us if you need help.


For the latest News, Server status.

Terms and conditions.


Internet Speed

Must have a supported device and HIGH-SPEED INTERNET for ARCstream LIVE.

A speed of AT LEAST 10 Mbps ON THE DEVICE you are using is recommended. A device with available memory and sufficient hardware are required. Any device older than 5 years old is not recommended. You should have 20 Mbps or higher for UHD content.




In order to qualify for a refund, you must first follow our support for troubleshooting. You must contact us for assistance. We will only refund if we determine our service is at fault.  If you experience issues due to slow connections or faulty devices you will NOT be refunded as these are out of our control.



9 times out of 10 you can fix issues yourself but following a few simple steps.

If you have a channel not working or buffering, see if it is happening on all channels, this indicates your connection is bad. Unplug your router and devices, check connection and speeds. try again.

Use our support group for instant help. download the Telegram app to your phone.

Telegram App is an instant chat messaging system. Detail below



Cancellation of service

You can cancel your service at any time by click on the cancellation form and filling it out. Cancellations take 48 hours to process during business hours. All accounts are monitored for irregular activity, re-streaming and abuse of account information. Do not share your account details. We can cancel your service at any time if you are abusing the ARCstream LIVE service. 

Once your account has been canceled by you or by us you will not receive any discounts. We also reserve the right to ban you permanently from using  the service again at our discretion.


ARCstream does not provide any content.
We will help you set up the service and offer tech support only.
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