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ES File Explorer App Fix - Save $10 a month

ES file Explorer APP has been updated to include "premium" features that now will charge you $10 a month.

This only effects you if you are setting up and new device or have accidentally updated the app es file explorer. If you have ES File explore on your device and have not updated it, you are OK.

The most important feature in this NEW update from ES File Explorer is on the first line in the list below, you now need the premium feature to install third party apps onto other devices.

We ourselves and our customers have used this App for over 5 years to connect to our server and install Apps onto many devices with our Membership service.

Don't worry, as always there is a way to use es file explorer without spending $10 a month, we will explain below. All you need to do is install an OLDER version of es file explorer, the older version will not charge you.

If you have the New Premium App it will say so, top left in the app, you will need to uninstall this version from your device before beginning.

Once uninstalled, there are a few ways you can install this app. We have outlined 3 options for you


Install a previous version from our ARCstream APP (click the link for more info) if our custom installer app is on your device. (not everyone will have this app)

You will find a version of es file explorer in the "Other APK section"

Option 2

Install the App yourself (if you know how to install or side-load apps)

Here is the file you need, click the link------>>> ES FILE EXPLORER


For android and amazon devices, install the app "Downloader" from the APP store.

When the app opens it will ask you to type in a URL....

Enter this URL..... Make sure it is typed in correctly.

Press Go and follow the instructions to install the app.

Once installed, close the downloader app and you will be able to find es file explorer in your application list.

This version of es file explorer has a notification (small circle on the right of the TV screen) setting that your should disable

Open es file explorer.

click on settings

click on notifications

UNCHECK floating widget

You can now connect to our server with your Membership username and password

That is it.

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