ARCstream Membership information

All customers get...

​​Tech support - We will help you solve technical issues with your device.

​​Phone/email support - call or email and let us know if you need help or advice.

​​Mail-in Updates - Only available for devices you received from us. Extra fees apply for updating service plus shipping costs. To send us your device, click on the updates page and the Mail-in option.

​​Warranty and repairs - If your device falls within the warranty period we will fix or replace defective parts. *Restrictions apply.


Membership EXTRA Benefits

All Personal devices - Included with membership

A single membership covers all your personal devices to get access to our server. You get access to the same Apps and software we use and you can install on all your own devices.

Access to the ARCstream Server. - Included with membership

Our server is the easiest way for you to download and install new software onto your device. No computer needed, no special software required. Use your device to connect through a simple App you download from the app store.

Please allow up to 24 hours for us to email your username and password. We try to get it to you within 1 hour but this will vary depending on what day/time we receive your order.

Get  OUR LATEST ARCSTREAM APP. Included with membership

We keep our server updated with the latest apps, quick setup file, latest KODI Versions and more...

​​Below are the most common links you will need after we send you your login information.

How to connect to our server - click here

How to install and use our KODI quick setup file - click here

How to install any app using our server.

Install Any App using our server even devices not purchased from us.

Get our Quick Setup File - Included with membership

OUR quick setup file makes updating KODI simple. Simply download it from our server or our ARCstream App.

FREE Mail-in Updates: - Included with membership

Get unlimited FREE mail-in updates. Only valid for devices purchased from us from eBay, Amazon, website etc..We offer this in case you cannot follow our server instructions or app instructions.

​Remote Programming - Included with membership

As we release new/better installers we will remotely program your device for FREE. Just call us during business hours and we will walk you through it.  Our new installers will be built into the quick setup files which you will have access too. We cannot remote Program certain files.

No price increases - FOREVER! - Included with membership

Over the last 5 years, we have had to increase our pricing each year. When you become a Premium Member, your membership price never goes up.

Free out of warranty fixes and repairs - Included with membership

At our discretion, we will replace parts, fix issues even after the warranty has ended. Don't expect any FREE parts but we will do our best to not charge you if we have spares. Only available on devices purchased from us.

1 Year PREMIUM ARCstream Membership is $39.99

If you purchased a device within the last 12 months, you can get 50% off your first year, contact us for details.

Memberships do not include the ARCstream LIVE service.

You will receive a Free 7-day trial to ARCstream LIVE with New Membership purchase.

​SAVE 50% with a recurring payment option*.
Only pay $19.99 each year, after your first year. 
The price is locked in at this low price FOREVER when you subscribe through PayPal or choose the auto recurring payment if paying by Card. You need to maintain your membership and you will never have a price increase.
Click on the Subscribe button.

To pay with Visa or Mastercard -

Choose if you want auto-recurring Payment or one-time payment

Price is reduced after the first year when you select auto-recurring.

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