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Latest Updates with ARCstream - now video on demand is available

We have had to make some significant changes to our services offered and have been implementing them since January.

The Good news is that prices are not changing and the better news is that you can now choose to get video on demand added to your LIVE support service.

We have also adjusted ARCstreamPLUS for new customers. It has not been available for several months for new customers as we have had to make these changes.

First Big change.

ARCstream LIVE support.

We were able to offer our favorite supplier to customers who only wanted a single device connection. That is no longer possible. We have to abide by the supplier's rules so all customers who pay for a single device connection support are going to be using a different supplier. This has been happening for several months now and we will continue to get customers transferred over to the new supplier as time allows. You will get an email with all the details when your time to move comes. This will continue for a few more months. The new supplier is still very good and has loads of channels if not more. so don't worry. You can stay with the supplier you use now but it will mean upgrading your account.

If you use and pay for the Multi-stream service, you will not be affected by this.

Video-on-demand is now available to everyone. With new suppliers come new options.

When new customers sign up they can add VOD to their account at that time.

Video on demand allows you to pull up movies and TV shows if available and be able to watch them when you want. there are free apps you can use to do this as well however, these are becoming increasingly annoying.

If you want to add VOD to your account. The link is below for current customers only.

One connection VOD is $5 per month

extra VOD connections are $2.50 each per month. (max 3 total connections)

If you have a single stream account you can only get a single VOD connection account.

Multi-stream users can get up to 3 connection accounts. Just get one account if upgrading. we will email if you need more connections after purchase.


New PLUS accounts will now mirror your main support account.

So if you have VOD on your main account, your PLUS account will also have PLUS at no extra cost.

If you don't have VOD then your PLUS account will not have VOD.

More information is on our website.

As always, contact

us with questions we have not answered or mistakes you see in this post or on our website.

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