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How to use both LIVE services on the same App

If you have an ARCstream LIVE subscription and an ARCstreamPLUS subscription, you can use both these services on the same app and easily switch between them.

For ARCstream LIVE App, version 3.0

After logging into one service, you can now add a 2nd user and add your other service.

Look for the "switch profile icon" on the main page

You can now add your second service. TIP: use a name to differentiate between the two services, live LIVE or PLUS.

Below we are now logged into both services.

Once logged into both services, use the switch profile icon to change from one account to another.


For ARCstream XC Live App

it is going to be a similar process as ARCstream LIVE app above however there are small changes.

Here are are logged into one account, now click on Account.

Click on the Service you want to log into (live or plus)

Then click on "update Login" this will bring up a box to enter your username and password.

Once you are logged in, you can switch between the service by clicking on account, then the service you want to switch to, then click login (no need to update login again)

That's it! Simple

Many generic apps also allow the exact same thing, they all work similarly, so if your using an app like Tivimate, iptvsmarters on your phone, tablet or firestick etc... look for a similar process on those apps.

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