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How To Contact Us - Help and Support

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Below are the best ways to contact us, if you need help, support or want more information on our services. We have removed the Technical help form and our phone number from the website. These are unavailable for the foreseeable future.



Email - By far the best way to contact us. We try to respond to all emails ASAP, depending how urgent your request is. But we will respond to all emails.

Our email address is...

If you are asking for help/tech support, please provide as much information as possible like device, apps, service, what the issue is etc...


Facebook - group

Not everyone is on facebook but we have a small group where everyone is welcome to join. Just follow the rules and keep it lighthearted.

You can post questions, get help, see previous posts and get more information on our services.

Click the link below to join our facebook group.


Telegram App -

The Telegram app can download to your phone from the app store is a great way to get notified and get help with the LIVE streaming services. We have two Telegram links.

One link is for our chat group where you can interact with us. This can be muted so you are constantly notified when someone chats.

The other link is for our announcements where we will notify you of important information about ARCstream LIVE or ARCstreamPLUS.

This is best to keep unmuted so you get all messages from us.

Instructions -

Go to the app store on your phone and install the Telegram app and set up a new account. Search for ARCstream in the Telegram app or use the links below to join our NEWS page. when we send out a message, you will get notifications on your phone..

The message chat group on Telegram is

We may look at other Apps in the future if they work well to keep you informed.

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I need to talk to someone please need phone number


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