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Customize Your ARCstream LIVE or PLUS Layout

I wish I knew this sooner; it has been there all the time. Did you know you can hide categories for ARCstream LIVE and PLUS? This is a great way to simplify your TV Layout by only showing the categories you only use. Maybe you want to hide sports sections if you don't use them or even hide the Adult category. with ARCstreamPLUS having over 115 Categories (90% of which you may never need) this is a huge time saver.

You can use the Parental Controls section of the ARCstream LIVE app v3.0 or ARCstream XC App v4.1.

I have never used this before but it works great.

For this example, we are demonstrating ARCstream LIVE v3.0 however, the XC app will work similarly with slight differences. (see bottom of page for slight differences)

Open the LIVE App v3.0 and go to the settings (Gear icon) (top right).

Click on Parental Control

You will need to set up a passcode.

You will see each category listed, click to lock (hide) any category you do not want to see.

After making your selections when you open the LIVE section you will only see your choices.

To unhide categories, just go through the same steps and unlock them.

For XC App v4.1 the Parental control passcode is already set by default and is 0000

There is an ON/OFF toggle at the top of the screen when selecting categories to hide. After making your selection, toggle this On.

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