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New Referral and Rewards Program

Starting July 8th 2024, this New program is in beta testing and is open and available for all. 

During this Beta testing we may remove, edit or alter any of the information below at any time and go back to the previous referral program. 

The Basics

1. You can get your own referral code my logging into the website as a site member. (not your LIVE or PLUS account details) LINK is at the bottom of this page.

2. You give this code to your friends and family. 

3. They sign up to join the website using your link, they can find a coupon code in the members area under "my Rewards" and use this code to subscribe to one of the ARCstream services. They will receive a discount.

4. You will earn points for each referral. These points will be converted to a discount on your account.

Your monthly discount will continue every month for as long as your referral continues to keep their account active and in good standing. 

This program and any discounts may be removed without any notice. 

You agree that your monthly payments will be adjusted up or down based on customer signups, cancellations, payments, or program changes. You will not be contacted or emailed of any payment changes. 

How much can you get discounted?

100% of your monthly payments. 

​What are the rewards points worth?

15 Points for ARCstream LIVE Basic/Single

25 Points for ARCstream LIVE Premium/Multi stream

​5 Points for VOD

​2 Points for ARCstreamPLUS

Each point is worth $0.10. This discount is per month on your account. 

So if a customer Purchases Premium with VOD. You gets 30 Points

which is a $3 discount per month, every month.

While under Beta Testing, will will increase the points value by 50% for a very limited time.

So the previous example would now be worth $4.50 off per month every month. 

You get to keep the discount after the 50% is removed

Can you track your referrals and discounts. 

Yes, we have created a Members area on our website. look at the Menu. In this members area we intend to keep a file ONLY YOU can see and read. this will list any referrals you have. This file will be updated within 10 days (hopefully).

Only use one email when signing up to the website this will make tracking easier. If you use multiple emails then you may not get any credit for referrals. You can use google or Facebook to log in. 

Your payments will be adjusted within 10 days. you will not be notified.

Once you see your referral in your Files section, then your account has been adjusted. so the next payment will reflect the change.

Example Below​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Referral Tracking example.JPG

We do not know how easy this will be to track and maintain, So this is why we are not announcing this on our website just yet. 

  • Some important details. 

  • Anyone trying to cheat the system will be banned. ​

  • You must use the link provided in the members area. If a customer does not use your link to sign up for the website and does not use the coupon code at checkout you will not get a credit

  • Coupons or referral links and credits are for new customers ONLY,

  • You will not receive any credit if a customer cancels and renews later. , or if their account is removed from missed payments. and later purchases. 

  • You cannot refer yourself or use any coupon for yourself. 

  • If your account is past due or you cancel you will lose all discounts and have to start again.

  • If we issued you a coupon previously, you may still use this for the time being. If you do not have one yet, you must get one at this link below. ​

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