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How to pair your device

Some apps may ask you to visit a website and pair your device. You can choose to do this or ignore it and try another link or another app.

If you want to pair your device we have made a simple video how this is done. so please watch it.

Why are you being asked to do this? Well, when you search for a movie, TV shows etc... it searched the internet for available streams. Almost all links it finds are free which is great for you as you can watch what you want for free and on demand.

To limit the bandwidth and reduce cost, the owners of these servers (not us) ask you to visit a website so they can receive a small amount of advertising revenue, his adds up and helps them pay for their equipment.

It is optional, you do not have to visit the website and can press cancel and try to use another link or app.

There can be inappropriate material for some people on the websites, they sometimes say you computer or PC is infected (it is not) and they give you pop-up messages and pages which you will have to close but they do work.

After you pair your device, it will last for 4 hours. enough to watch a movie or two.

here is the video. Thank you.

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