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How To Hardwire Your Amazon Firestick

One of the recommendations we make to all our customers is to use an Ethernet connection rather than use WiFi.

9 times out of 10 times, this improves streaming, you get less freezing, buffering and it solves common issues.

The difficulty with Amazon fire sticks is that they do not have an Ethernet connection so it was never possible to use a wired internet connection.

Now with TV xStream Ethernet adapter you can now hard-wire your Amazon firesticks. It will not work on 1st generation firesticks but works great on 2nd Generation fire sticks, Amazon Fire Pendent and All new Amazon 4K Firestick.

If you are not sure what generation firestick you have, send us an email and we can help.

You can see using this cleaver setup you can connect an Ethernet adapter. The OTG cable is also include using the link below. We support this brand of adapter so if you have technical issues we can help. After connecting the adapter you will need to run an Ethernet cable form the adapter to your router, so make sure your router is accessible.

If you have had issues with streaming or buffering then is is a must have gadget.

To purchase this adapter using the link below for a low price of just $12.49

We have a special promotion on this brand adapter, After purchasing, send us your order number to and we will send you a special offer. The offer is FREE and cost you nothing.

As always, please let us know if you need help.

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