Understanding how ARCstream LIVE works is important to help you troubleshoot simple problems.

ARCstream LIVE is not perfect and there will be issues, If there is a Major problem we announce it on our facebook page and in our ARCstream LIVE news page.

This saves us getting hundreds of messages which we cannot reply to everyone.

Facebook page


NEW Page on Telegram: instructions on how to set up Telegram is at the bottom of our LIVE TV Page


MOST issues are at your end, not ours.

We will announce when there is a known issue.

When you encounter a problem, follow a few of these basic steps.

Nothing is Working:

Have we made an announcement of a problem on our facebook and telegram page? if not....


Check your connection on the device you are using, refresh channels and EPG. look for the 3 dots top right if using the ARCstream LIVE app to refresh channels.

check your email for important account information.


If you are unable to log in or use any of the service after check these things, contact us.


Is it happening on 1 channel or every channel?

Normally if it buffers on 1 channel and all others are OK, then the channel may need to be restarted to fix it....contact us using telegram, facebook or email.

If it is happening on all channels, then this is a problem at your end.

There is a lot of things that can effect the LIVE TV.


Bad device -

Is you device to slow and old? your device needs a good amount of processing power, it should navigate quickly when navigating or opening apps.

Incompatible App -

Not every app works on every device (even our ARCstream LIVE App). You may need to use a Generic app that is more suitable to your device. we have a list of other apps available and recommend under the LIVE TV tab on our website.

Slow Ping rate

This is VERY important.....Ideally you should use a wired internet connection as this helps with bandwidth issues and slow ping rate. Run a speed test on your device, there are many apps out there but not all report Ping. You should be under 100MS, however i want to see it closer to 10Ms

Contact us if you need help hardwiring a firestick etc... we have adapters.

Distance from router

The further your router is away the more likely you will have  a problem, either hard wire your device or test the issue by taking the device closer to the router, if the service improves then you know the issue is with distance and you can work on a solution.

not enough free space on Device

Go to your setting and look for storage, see how much is left. for a firestick, go to settings, applications, manage installed apps it will show you on that page what free space you have. If your device is full or low on memory, factory reset it. less than 1GB of free space is low.

Bad hardware = Router or Modem

Do you have new and modern equipment. old hardware can cause many issues.

Bad internet company like Comcast or Xfinity

Unfortunately not all internet providers are the same. these two above are an example.

Ask you internet company for help, get them to test the line and hardware for potential issues.

You need to change a variable to figure out what the problem is, we can help with this or advise you.

ALL of teh above examples can be changed.


use your phone rather than your normal device. Phone are powerful devices. if it work on you phone and not your fire stick, you know the firestick is the issue etc...

If you need help, ask us and let us know what you have tried.

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