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Get a full year of ARCstreamPLUS at an incredible low price

ARCstreamPLUS is a low-cost backup service. We highly recommend getting a backup service due to times when services are offline, channels may be down for maintenance, or need repair. No service is perfect but having an alternative can be invaluable. 


Starting January 1st,2024 we have adjusted the requirements to use/obtain the PLUS service.

Requirements, terms and conditions. 

ARCstreamPLUS mirrors your current subscription. For example:

If you subscribe to ARCstream LIVE support, then your PLUS account will have a LIVE backup service ONLY.

If you subscribe to LIVE + VOD support. Then your PLUS account will have a LIVE backup service and a VOD backup service.

How many PLUS accounts can you get?


If you subscribe to the Basic single server support, You may only get one ARCstreamPLUS account.

If you subscribe to the Premium multi-stream server, you can get up to three accounts.


Remember, that if you have the VOD service, your PLUS account will include VOD as well. 

Customizable Layout

​We can customize your layout, If you only want to see USA channels we can remove all others, If you want French and Portuguese TV we can hide all others. This will only be done when you purchase the service for the Year

With or without adult channels

We can remove adult xxx channels if you do not need them.

Integrated into the ARCstream XC App. Swap between accounts with a few clicks.

The ARCstream XC App has access the the ARCstream LIVE service and the ARCstreamPLUS service. You can also use other Generic IPTV Apps like IPTVsmarters etc...

We offer deep discounts to ARCstream LIVE subscribers. We understand that no service is perfect so having two services is a great way to have a backup service just in case. When one service is offline for maintenance or unexpected reasons, you can simple use secondary service with little frustration.

Although ARCstreamPLUS is not necessary. We highly recommend you get both. 

There are two options below. 
If you have an active ARcstream LIVE subscription we offer a substantial discount.

ARCstream does not provide any content.
We will help you set up the service and offer tech support only.
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