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NOTICE: Service change for Basic Single stream Subscribers

Effective Jan 5th, 2024

We have a new Provider for Single stream/single device accounts. 


Our current supplier has decided they will only allow multi-stream accounts from now on. This means, we could not keep our lowest pricing.

We could have raised prices for everybody or we can change providers. We have decided to maintain are low cost pricing and use a different very good provider. 

Can I keep the service I use now?

Yes, but you will need to upgrade to a multi-stream account. This will increase the monthly cost by $10. email us back requesting an upgrade. You can always change later, you are not locked into anything, if you still want to go back to what you have. 

Will I miss out by changing?

No, The new provider has been used by us in the past and customers have enjoyed the quality and reliability (no service is perfect).

The new provider has many more category choices and this give you more choice. 

Are the Channels the same?

There are more, about twice as many as before. There may be the possibility that one or two channels are not available but you are likely to be very impressed with the lineup (hopefully)

Does it has Adult channels?

Yes, this can be removed upon request. If your account was non adult before, then your new account will not have adult. 

New APP update-

ARCstream XC App is now updated from version 4.1 to version 5.1 - If you are using this app you must update the app, to version 5.1. ARCstream Version 3.0 does not need ot be updated and will work. (scroll down past the 3.0 instructions below to see more)

Unsure what app version you have?.

Look for the version number in the settings of your device.

For amazon firesticks, go to the amazon home screen.

click on settings, 


Manage installed Apps


look for version number. 

You do not need to update ARCstream LIVE App version 3.0

ARCstream LIVE Version 3.0 look image below.

To update to your new account,

click on switch Profile icon

On the next screen, delete your old account (highlight account, hold down select button, click delete)

Then click on add user and enter you new login.

switch profile.JPG

ARCstream XC Version 4.1 looks image below.

To update to your new account, Delete this app. 

From your amazon home screen. click

settings, applications, manage installed apps, ARCstream XC, Uninstall and confirm

Now install the new update. here is a link on how to install apps if you need help.

PLUS homescreen.JPG

ARCstream XC Version Server Choice

You MUST select the correct server when logging in. Only the correct option will work. 

If you pay for a single stream account, select that one. 

Server choice.JPG

After selecting the correct server and entering the correct username and password, click on "sign in"

Be aware, do not scroll down to far and click on setting or you will see the server choice again.

plus sign in_edited.jpg


1) if you see the server choice after clicking on sign in then you have clicked on settings by mistake.

2) if you get an error message about username, password or server in incorrect, then you have either selected the wrong sever at the beginning or you have entered teh wrong information. 

3) take a photo of your username and passwords from your TV and send it to us if you need more help. 

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