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xStream TV - NOW Available

All Live channels and Sports in beautiful HD

We love Free TV, movies and sports. With the ARCstream setup we help to give you the very best free apps, add-ons, applications to do exactly that. We understand that reliable HD live TV streams can be a bit frustrating due to add-ons not always being reliable and picture quality varies from great to poor.


Weather watching your favorite channel, following your favorite team we understand it can be challenging at times.


With xStream TV we have found a premium service that will eliminate that once and for all. It includes, all the HD Channels you need plus so much more all in 1 add-on. No more hunting for the best stream or trying to find the a game by searching through every add-on.  It costs a fraction of what cable and satellite companies charge.

The service is so good and reliable we have  put the xStyream TV add-on inside the "live streams" section of our build.

To see what Channels are available in HD and SD, please click on the links below. There is a Sports Package available as well as an Entertainment Package for Cable channels. You can choose 1 package or both.


There are many Uk channels, USA channels as well as more being added in the test area for Canada.

The sport package includes PPV's, Games and sports events as well as the sports channels

The Entertainment Package also includes Video on Demand for teh latest Movies as well as the entertainment channels.


Entertainment Package Channel List

The average Cable or Satellite Bill is over $120 per month.

Save over 80% with xStream


It s finally here! Watch a video demo below

There are many ways to watch xStream TV

Perfect Player - This is a very good way to watch xStream TV. It is fast loading and you can change channels while watching a current TV channel. no need to stop and start. Perfect player is available on the google play stare and amazon app store.

Video Demo and setup instructions - click here

Download written instructions - click here

Inside KODI - using the xStream TV Add-on. You will need our SuperBuild Installed. Open Kodi and go to the "LIVE Streams" section. Look for the xStream TV add-on. Open it up and put your username and password in. Start watching! - Video Demo HERE 

Xstream TV Application - This is a separate app you can install on your android device. You can download these files from our server if you are a subscriber. go to teh server folder, open the xStream TV folder, download all 3 files. You will now have a separate application on your device. enter username and password. start watching!


iPhone - Instructions coming soon

On a Mag box - Instructions coming soon.

Smart IPTV app - Instructions coming soon

How to sign up

Click on the xStream TV pricing and info....This is the payment site to get service.

Click on ABOUT Page to read a little more about the service and options.

Click on the Shop tab and choose your service...



This may take 15 minutes or up to 24 hours. 

You can also send us an email to let us know you just purchase so we can expect an email once completed.

ARCstream does not provide any content.
We will help you set up the service and offer tech support only.
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