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Updating to KODI 17 from kodi 16.1 or lower
Updating your device to Kodi 17 is relatively easy to do. It is important to make sure your device is able to be updated to Kodi 17 first. 
Do you know what Kodi version you have?    If you have our SuperBuild then, open KODI, Scroll over to SYSTEM, look for System info ---The version number will be near the bottom of the screen in blue, green or red. 16.1, 17.0 etc.....
Your device must have an Android version of 5.0 or higher to install Kodi 17
All Amazon products including fire sticks and fire boxes handle kodi 17 very well.
Some android devices may not be able to be updated......If you are unsure click here to find out
We recommend all of these steps to update your device: If all of these steps are not completed then your device may not update correctly....
1) Clear data from KODI
2) Uninstall KODI
3) Power off your device (pull power cord)
4) Install 17.3
5) Run the ARCstream Installer.
Below is a video demonstration of how to update KODI following these steps.
Important - We use our sever to install KODI 17 in this example.
There are many ways to install software onto devices...Our server just makes it easy.
If you would like more information on our update server, the cost and how to subscribe,  click here
Our Server is a very easy method of installing new software so if you are not subscribed to our server and do not know how to install software onto your device it is best to not do anything and contact us.

Also, In the video below, we install kodi 17.0.  However, you can install kodi 17.4 as there have been 4 new versions released since the video has been made.
You will also be installing our latest SuperBuild to get fixes and the latest add-ons.
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