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HOW to update the KODI software…





There are many ways to update KODI but here are few ways listed below.


Click HERE on a recent post we created that walks you through each step. 



Use the ARCstream App on your device - Our App is a great way to install files onto your device.



USE OUR ARCstream SERVER - You can use our server and simply follow the video tutorials we have on the LATEST NEWS PAGE on our website. Every file we use wekeep as a backup on our server. Once you are connected you can easily get every new file and update we post. Here is an attachment you can read or print out that shows step by step how to download app using our server


Our server is very easy to use, no computer needed, no special software required, you get your own username and password that you put inside the app "es file explorer". You can use the server for unlimited updates for your device all year long for a very low yearly cost. On our server we also have extra files available to download. We recommend this way as it works the same way for all devices.


Click below to learn more about our server and how to subscribe and connect to it.




MAIL IT IN - If you purchased one of our devices you can can send us the device for updating. This service is  a convenient way for you to get your device updated. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR MAIL IN SERVICE.







Any questions,…please ask.

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