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Use the ARCstream Installer to update to the latest ARCstream Version

This will help you update the ARCstream version on your device. bring in new add-ons and the latest setup. You should the kodi version we recomend on our "updates and files" page before you begin.

This is how to enable the Installer and run it to get the latest build and Version

We recommend you clear the Data from KODI before you start. Follow below to clear data

For Fire TV's - Go to Home screen>settings>Applications>Manage Installed Apps>KODI>Clear data>clear data again. Wait 5-10 seconds before launching KODI. It should contain no add-ons when it opens up. For Android Boxes - Go to Home screen, Settings>Other>More settings>APPS>KODI>Clear data.

Now open KODI. Open KODI – It should look like this after you clear the data, this is version 16.1

Click on System

Click on Add-ons

You May see a “first run help screen, click OK to close it.

Click on Install from Zip file

Click on External Storage

Scroll down and Click on ARCstream Installer – If it is missing, click here please transfer it to your device using this video

After selecting the installer it will take you back to "install from Zip file" Now press the back/return button until you see the main menu again. Click on Programs

Click on Program add-ons

Click on ARCstream Installer

Now you can select the build you want. Current builds are ARCstream and Smaller Build. New Kids Build coming any other Build available. You must install a main build before you can install the Add-on Packs.

Once you choose a build it will start to download and then extract the files.

IMPORTANT – The installer will try to close KODI for you, this must be done for all the add-ons and background to stick. Click CLOSE -

IF you see this message, do not click on OK and use the KODI exit button you must force KODI to close yourself.

To do this: either pull the power cable from the device and reboot it or you can use the force STOP button.

If you are unsure, use the first choice and pull the power to reboot. If you do not do this step all the add-ons and background will not be there when you open kodi.

Now you can Open KODI with the new build. Important, When you first open KODI the add-ons will look for updates, give this a minute or two before using the add-ons.