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Top 5 questions

5 Most common questions

1) How to update your device?

There are 2 things you will need to do to update your device. The first is to get the latest kodi version and the other is to get the latest ARCstream version. These 2 things will get you the latest setup. You must have access to our server as both are updated using our server. Watch the video to learn more

2) How to Register your device?

We ask everyone who purchase’s a device from us to register, this started on Dec 2015, so we could offer better support to our customers. There is a big sticker with a pass-code on the inside or outside of the box. The sticker has the pass-code you need to register. If you cannot find the sticker, call us during business hours and we will able to assist you. Watch the video to learn more.

3) Where to Get Latest information?

There are 3 good places where we post the latest Information, so you can stay updated. One would be our latest News Page on our website. Next would be the “Server Updates PDF” located on the Server page of the website. Here you can see what we have added to our server recently. Next would be our facebook page. Like our page

4) What is the Sever?

The server is a single place where you can get the latest software, updates, fixes, applications and more. No computer is needed to use it, no special software, just a single app called “es file explorer” There is a small monthly fee to use our servers but this gives you instant access to updates and files. You never have to ship your device to get updates, everything can be updated in minutes.

5) How do you access the server?

Everyone and anyone can get access to our server, no matter if you purchased from us previously, you can be anywhere in the world and still get all the latest updates. To get access you must Subscribe to the server. You may cancel at anytime.

If you purchased a device from us we include FREE server access for 2 months just so you can try it out. In order to get this special offer, you must register your device on our website within 30 days of purchasing. We will then email you a special link to get 2 months free access to our server. subscribe using the link we provide to you after you register your device,

If you have not purchased from us previously, you can still get access to our server by subscribing here. This also has more information on our server.

To subscribe....Click HERE

Thank you

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