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TELEGRAM APP - Get Information Instantly

Getting information to our customers instantly can be amazing difficult at times. We use News Letters, Facebook, groups, latest news pages etc....This has some big downfalls for you as you will not always get the information you need.

Emails get blocked, go to spam folders and how many newsletters do you actually read? We have to pay just to send out news-letters now.

Facebook - When we make a post , Facebook only allows a certain amount of people to see our posts before we have to pay. Only once we pay will they allow more people to see our posts in your news feed.

So going forward we will be sending our messages (only useful information) via an app you can install on your phone or even your computer, tablet etc... everyone has a phone so this way you get the message one second after we send it. You can mute notifications and unsubscribe at any time. It is free, convenient, anonymous and FAST.

How it works-

We send out a message using the app, this could be important info about error messages, how to update, New letters or any other important information you need to know etc..Some messages may contain links that will take you to our website etc...and provide more information or videos. simple.

TELEGRAM - Click below to see the available platforms it supports.

Once you install the app on your device, follow the setup instructions then, click below to join the ARCstream News feed.

You will now get messages and a news feed that looks like this. And the BEST reason for doing this is that you will NEVER miss a message from us again. We promise not to bombard you with information. You can MUTE messages at any time.

THIS is how our messages will appear.

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