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Our Quick Setup file makes everything easy!

There are many ways to get updates to your devices when they are released.

Our number one question we get asked is how to update. It can be complicated sometimes depending on what device you have.

We have created our Quick setup file.

It will help those people that need to:

Update the superbuild.

Update kodi.

Install kodi if it has been removed or deleted.

Install kodi if factory resetting device.

You must have a subscription to our server to get access to the quick setup file.


If you do not have a subscription to it then click here to learn about alternative ways to update

Follow the video below or follow the instructions here.

  • Uninstall any old version of kodi first. If you have a very old kodi version it may be best to unplug your device from the power source and restarting it before install the latest version.

  • Open es file Explorer..If it is not on your device you can install it from the app store or play store

  • Click on Network - this will bring down some additional options below the word network

  • Click on FTP - this is located just below the word network.

  • Click on the ARCstream Server Folder - If you have not setup up your server connection yet. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO CONNECT TO OUR SERVER

  • Open the Quick setup folder

  • Click on the latest Quick setup file (highest version number) and wait

  • Click on install - If you get a message that the installation has been blocked, you must turn on "allow unknown sources". This is located in the main settings of your device. For Amazon devices, press the home button>settings>device>developer options>turn on unknown sources. not go back and open es file explorer again.

  • Click on install again - bottom right

  • Click on Done -

  • Exit es file explorer

  • Open KODI - once opened wait 20 seconds for any updates to take place.


  • click on OK - this closes the first run help message

  • Click on the install you want - Choose to install updates with or without adult content.

  • Click on UPDATE NOW - The Installation on the latest ARCstream Superbuild will now be installed, this will take a few minutes. During the extraction process you may get an error message. press continue and the updates will continue.

  • Click on OK - This will shut kodi down. this needs to happen so the updates take affect.

  • Open KODI- You have now finished, just wait a few minutes before using kodi, allow any auto updates to complete.

HERE is the video.

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