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No service is perfect - Now ARCstreamPLUS is offline.

Updated: 10 hours ago

Updated: 6/09/23 - The service has been up and down, so it is still not reliable enough. Continue to use the backup service information we have sent to you until further notice. If you have PLUS and have not been emailed, contact us.

Updated: 6/05/23 - There are some teething issues going on.

We are waiting for the supplier to update server address. we will update once we know ourselves. Thank you

Updated: 6/04/23 - It looks like ARCstreamPLUS is back up and working. Lets see how things go. Hopefully there will be no interruptions.

If you are using the replacement service to PLUS which we emailed to you, then you can continue to use it for now. The accounts will expire or be turned off in the next day or two.

Thank you for your patience. We will be removing the ARCstream LIVE special offer as well shortly.

Updated: 6/02/23 - We are being told the service should be back up and running very soon. As early as tomorrow or by Monday. This if all goes well. once we are back up and running you can continue to use the alternative service we have emailed you until further notice. We will update everyone once things are back to normal. Thank you for your patience.

Updated: 5/30/23 - We have emailed everyone back who has contacted us about PLUS being offline. We have sent replacement accounts for a new service and instructions via email.

If you have not been contacted and use ARCstreamPLUS please contact us for instructions. This is only for PLUS subscribers and not ARCstream LIVE, as that service has not been disrupted.


If you subscribe to ARCstreamPLUS you may now know the service is completely down and has been for a little while now. Although rare, these things unfortunately do happen.

We have always recommended get both ARCstream LIVE and ARCstreamPLUS for this reason. Having a backup when channels are not down or the service goes offline give you way less stress and us too.

We try to help people as best we can when things go wrong,

ARCstreamPLUS is being worked on to be restored and we are hoping it will be back very soon. In the mean time ARCstream LIVE is working great with no issues.

There are many people unable to use ARCstreamPLUS and that might be their only service. So we have created a one time one month special for customers who have ARCstreamPLUS and want to try ARCstream LIVE

We will also allow any NEW customers who wants to try ARCstream LIVE. Now is the time to try it

Use the link below for this special offer:

ARCstream LIVE for 1 month, up to 4 connections - save 70% - the cost is $7.50

This special offer:

Your account will not renew automatically.

This price is a one time offer.

Now is your opportunity to try ARCstream LIVE with this amazing deal. save 70%

This offer has a very limited time frame and will likely be pulled as soon as the ARCstreamPLUS service is restored.

Cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon. For New customers or ARCstreamPLUS subscribers

Click here to purchase..

Contact us with questions.

After paying , wait for us to email you a username, password and instructions. This may take 5 minutes or a few hours. If your new, you will need to download an app onto a device like a firestick, android box, tablet or phone....we can help with this if you need it. popular devices are firesticks. You can use the Downloader app from the app store to get set up...instructions are here.

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