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New Server Address for the FTP server in ES File Explorer

Side note: We also have a mammoth promotion for all our Premium members being announced in the next few days that you are really going to want to hear.

Look out for the email this week.

If you are an ARCstream Premium Member and have been using es file explorer to get new apps and updates, our server has now changed.

We have had our FTP client server for over 6 years now allowing people to update apps easily. If you wish to access our new server, please follow the instructions below.


This is NOT for ARCstream LIVE or ARCstreamPLUS.

This only effects our FTP server, if you do not use es file explorer or an ftp client, this does not effect you.

If you use the ARCstream App Installer, this also does not effect you.


You will need to change the server address, your username and password to access the new server in Es File Explorer or other FTP client.

Due to the amount of customers we have using our FTP server we are asking you to submit a request below to get a new account. Each account needs to be created manually by us so this will allow us to work through all our customers in the new few weeks.

After you receive confirmation your account has been created we will email you, your username and password (this will change)

What will need to be changed?

To edit the FTP server in es file explorer, Open Es File Explorer (do not update the app or es file explorer will charge you $10 a month to download apps) we posted about this in out latest news page.

Click on network, then click on ftp.

Hold down the selected button while highlighting the OLD server folder

you will see a check mark on the folder, now look for "edit"

New Server is

USERNAME: you must enter u505040771. BEFORE your username.

make sure you keep the . (period) otherwise it will not work.

Example below would be.

  1. Username = u505040771.johnsmith

  2. password = xmxmxmxmx

Port and passive mode will not change.

Use the form below to submit a request and will will verify you still have an active Membership, then email you any details. please wait a few hours or up to 24 hours as we maybe busy.

Make sure you double check your email address and that it matches your current account.

If the form does not work or is not embedded into this post, you can use this link

As always, if there is an issue logging in, let us know. send a picture and/or description of what you have entered. If you do not hear from us, check spam folder or contact us at

Thank you

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