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Morph TV - Simply fantastic.

Morph TV for TV and Movies

We have just added another app to our lineup called Morph TV. This is a clone of Morpheus which stopped updates several months ago.

Morph TV includes absolutely no ads as if Jan 2019.  This may not always be the case so expect changes in the future.

Morph TV is only for Movies and TV shows, so there is no live TV, sports or PPV in this app.

There are 3 choices for movies and TV...."popular, Trending or search"

This application also allows us to stream from torrent sources as well which is handy where there are limited sources available for a movie or TV show.  You must enable torrents within settings to use this feature. We recommend you do not enable torrents unless you know what you are doing.

When choosing a link, you will see its health by looking at the ping speed next to the source label.  The link with the lowest speed is the best to choose and these are also color-coded as well. Links take approximately 1 minute to complete a full search but you can choose a link at any time.

TV example for Trending:

After selecting Big Bang, i pulled up yesterdays episode and was able to start watching immediately.

Movies in the Trending category.

Just scroll down to see more.

Movies choices were excellent as well with movies starting almost immediately. No pairing of devices even when using openload was a huge bonus.

Morph TV does not include the ability to integrate Real-Debrid and hopefully that is a feature that we see added in the near future but if Morph TV continues to be this good real-debrid is not needed.

Another nice feature would be the ability to set an external player such as MX Player as the default player in settings.  But, you can currently highlight the link that you want to play, hold down on the select button for a few seconds and it will allow you to choose external player.

Another nice feature is the great support for subtitles within this application.  Many of us rely on closed captioning and this APK provides extensive options for this in the settings area. Subtitles are currently set to download and start automatically. You need to turn them off in the settings.

To download and install Morph TV . use the

ARCstream APP


ARCstream server

Works great for Amazon Devices and Android Devices.

Once down loaded and installed you will find Morph TV with your other apps.

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