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KODI 18.3 Out Now. Get the latest SuperBuild

Now is the time to update to KODI 18 if you are still using KODI 17.

The ARCstream Superbuild has been updated with all new Add-ons for the Updated software and is now at Version 9.1 as of June 2019.

Below are the instructions you need to follow to get the latest KODI software PLUS the ARCstream Superbuild setup. We recommend your read each step before proceeding.

You will need to install the KODI Quick setup file v18.3 which is now available to download from the ARCstream APP or you can use the ARCstream Server (membership required). Make sure you have access to either one of these options before proceeding.

If you cannot follow these instructions, we offer a mail-in service. HERE we have a large backup at the moment so wait until Mid July before using this option.

If you have KODI 17.6 version or lower on your device, you MUST uninstall KODI before proceeding

To do so:

For Amazon devices - From the home screen, click settings, now click on Applications, scroll down to Manage installed Apps. Click on KODI, Click on Uninstall, Wait up to 1 minute. It will no longer show up in the list.

For Android devices- Click on Settings, Then Apps, Click on KODI, then click on Uninstall, press OK to confirm. Wait up to 1 minute. It will no longer show up in the list.

At this time I would recommend you power off your device and restart it, however this is not necessary.

Now it is time to install our quick setup file. There are two ways to do this listed below.

Use our ARCstream App.

or continue reading to use our server

Click here to use the ARCstream APP. Follow the instructions on the ARCstream APP Page until you have 18.3 quick setup installed. After it has been installed, go to STEP 5 in the list below. (file you need is in the KODI section of our app)

ARCstream APP Image

Below are the steps to use the ARCstream Server.

If you do not have a membership, you will not have access to our server.

STEP 1- Open ES File explorer on your device.

Scroll down the Menu on the left and click on Network.

STEP 2 -Scroll down and click on FTP.

If you have a membership you should have set up the connection to our server, you would have been issued a username and password after joining.

STEP 3 Click on the ARCstream FTP sever folder. Once it opens, look for and click on the KODI Quick setup folder

STEP 4 Click on the Latest version (18.3 for this post)

The file will start to download, once complete click on INSTALL and then install one more time. Bottom left.

The file will take approx 1 minute to install. Click DONE once complete.

You now have our quick setup file installed, press the back button server time until ES file explorer shuts down.

STEP 5 -Now Open up KODI and You will see our Quick update Options.

A few menu options will appear, click Continue on the first option regarding the wizard.

Next will be the Build Menu, click on Build Menu so you can choose what you want to install.

There are two choices currently.

Without XXX adult add-ons

With XXX Adult add-ons.

After you choose an option select Standard install. Then choose Yes, Install.

It will take several minutes for all the new updates to be download. At the very end of the process click on Force close. KODI will close.

Now open KODI and enjoy the latest Version.

If you use Real-Debrid or other services they will need to be set up again.

email us for help or if you have questions.

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