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How to use our NEW KODI Quick Setup -

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We have made some small changes to the Our KODI Quick Setup file. We have removed the Supebuild and added Xanax build..

We recommend you always update your device to the latest KODI version available in our ARCstream APP, or from our server.

Currently at the time of writing this post, the latest KODI Quick setup version is 18.7. Remember to only install our Quick setup file, this is what will get your all the latest 3rd party updates for KODI.

We have made a small change from 18.6 to 18.7 which we will detail below.

To install this or any KODI quick setup file, you can use our server or our ARCstream APP. Everyone currently has access to the ARCstream APP, so if you are unsure what the ARCstream APP is and how to use it...CLICK HERE to learn more.

Install OUR Quick Setup file for KODI using the methods above.


Some devices may require you to allow permission to the storage, this is normal and you will need to accept it.

CLICK Allow if you see this option.

A few menu options will appear, click Continue on the first option regarding the wizard.

If this POP message does not appear. you may need to skip the next few steps.

CLICK on Build menu

If this pop up message does not appear, scroll down the column on the left. Click on Add-on>program add-ons>ARCstream Wizard>Builds

Step 3 - click on Build

Click on Build Menu so you can choose what you want to install.

STEP 4 - Choose the Build you want

If there is ONLY ONE build available to install, this screen below will not show up. skip this apart

STEP 5 - Select Standard install.

STEP 6 -

Click on Yes, Install

STEP 7 - Wait

It will take several minutes for all the new updates to be download.

At the very end of the process you will receive a message.

STEP 8 - Click on Force close.

KODI will close down, which needs to happen so all the updates remain.

Now open KODI and enjoy the latest Version.

Wait at least 1 minute before trying any add-ons, there will be updates happening in the background which need to be completed. .

Adult addons can be found under the System, click on Video Addons, passcode is 1234.

The addon that makes you enter the pin is call pin sentry and its a bit annoying. it can be disabled.

Under system, click on program add-ons, scroll to pin sentry, press 3 lines on remote or menu button to bring up another menu, select disable, uninstall or settings if you want to change it.

For LIVE TV we recommend ARCstream LIVE

If you use Real-Debrid or other services they will need to be set up again.

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