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How to update the KODI software through our server.

You can use our update server to update KODI to a newer version. To find your current version you have now: Open KODI, click on System>System Info

Here you will see your version number

This will walk you through how to do so.

This will not update the ARCstream Version or change any add-ons but will update the basic software program.

Open the app: ES File Explorer

This is the home screen; your screen may look different than this if a newer Version of ES File Explorer is released.

You may or may not see a pop-up message asking you if you want to update. Press Cancel

You will see a column on the left: Click on Network

Now you should see some more choices, Click on FTP

Scroll over to the Server Folder: Click on the sever folder

Note: If you do not see this folder you must set up the connection using your username and password. Information can be found here.!How-to-connect-to-the-ARCstream-Server/c1a8g/578d54ac0cf256540e9db4b7

Click on the KODI Software folder

Click on the Latest KODI software version: Pick the highest numbered version

Pick the highest numbered version

The file will start to load. Wait until it finishes

Click on Install

Once complete click on DONE

Now exit the update server and open the new version of KODI.

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