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How to hide the "Adult ONLY" section

As a default we send out devices with the Adult section visible in our SuperBuild.

We understand this may not be for everyone. You can either Hide this Adult section but still be able to use the adult add-ons or you can remove this build and download the alternative build but with NO adult add-ons. Its very easy to do either. this will show you how to Hide the "adult ONLY" section.

Go to the System category and click on Skin settings

Scroll to Home Menu

Click on the Arrows until you see the Adults ONLY category

Click On Adult ONLY Tab

Click on Clear Menu Option

The adult section will no longer be visible. To use the adult add-ons you can click on Video add-on button or click on the SuperBuild button

Thats it. the adult section is no longer visible

If you prefer to remove all the adult add-ons permanently from the device you can use our installer to download one of our builds with NO adult add-ons. Click here to use this method

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