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ARCstream version 7.4 out Today Feb 3rd

The video below will show you how to get our latest Build the "SuperBuild v7.4"

This video will show you the latest SuperBuild v7.4 by ARCstream as well as how to install it. We have made added the Adult Category back in as well as created a new All in One category for all the best Multi purpose add-ons. We have remove old add-on and no working add-ons. added also M4U, Beau's place, Lucky-TV, Brett's retro, Project D, LIVE streams from Wolfpack and KODI Live TV

There are 4 Builds available:

SuperBuild with XXX adult apps + Visible adult section

SuperBuild with XXX adult apps + Hidden adult section

SuperBuild without adult apps

LiteBuild (contains adult add-ons)

Thank you

#arcstream #v74 #update #superbuild

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