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ARCstream SuperBuild v8.9 NOW AVAILABLE

Thank you for choosing ARCstream.

Below are the steps need to update your device to the latest ARCstream Superbuild v8.9

You should have kodi v17.0 or higher installed for this to work. You will also need to have a genuine ARCstream device.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page or follow these instructions. The video below is for an older version update but it shows the exact steps you nee to follow.

  • Close KODI

  • Clear the data from KODI - FOR AMAZON FIRE TV - click settings>Applications>Manage installed apps>KODI>Clear Data>Clear Data again>wait until data is at zero. FOR ANDROID BOXES - click settings>APPS>KODI>Clear Data>Confirm>wait until data is at zero

  • Open KODI

  • IF YOU HAVE OUR QUICK SETUP FILE, you willl see this image.....Not everyone will have this special KODI version. If you see a button that says "CLICK HERE", FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUR SCREEN TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES, NO NEED TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

  • If you do not have this file, continue on with the steps below. ...

  • CLICK ON ADD-ONS - See pictures below.

  • Click on Box - Top left

  • Click on "Install from Zip file"

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on "Allow unknown sources"

  • Press the back button on remote

  • Click on "Install from Zip file"

  • Click on External storage - Scroll down until you find a file called "ARCstream Installer

  • Click on the highest ARCstream Installer version number. You may have multiple choices

  • Wait for the installer to be activated - At this point you may get some notification messages appear. close them down.

  • Press the back button on your remote.

  • Click on Program Add-ons or Video add-ons - You should see the ARCstream Installer on your TV screen.

  • Click on ARCstream Installer - click on Build menu if you have that choice. not all will have this

  • Click on the Build you want - Click on NO if installer asks you to do a fresh start

  • WAIT -

  • Download will commence and may take 5-15 minutes. If link fails. use the backup link. During the extraction process you may get some error messages, press continue.

  • Click OK once finished - If you do not see the word OK after it has finished see below.

  • IMPORTANT - If you are using ARCstream Installer v1 or v2 - You must Force close KODI for changes to stick. To do this PULL THE POWER FROM YOUR DEVICE OR USE THE FORCE STOP BUTTON -

  • Open KODI - You should now see the new Superbuild version - wait a few minutes before using any add-ons to allow any add-ons to self update.


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