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So what is this server and do I need it?

How much is it and what do I need to do?

This is a few of the many questions we get asked when we mention our server. First things first:

What is it??? Basically it is a one stop location to get the latest KODI versions, latest add-ons, TV and Movie apps, Android applications, fixes, help, and many other useful things. We built the server in December 2015 with the simple goal of helping our customers stay updated with the constant changes in technology.

So, do you as a customer need the server? Absolutely not, but you will want it. The server does not affect the way your devices operate, it is simply a way of staying updated, all year long. We used to offer a mail in service (we still do if you really don't want to sign up) that was good but we found that our customers would be without their devices for 1-2 weeks due to shipping times and updating. With the server you can get updated in minutes.

You do not need any computer, you do not need to have any special software. you just need an app from the app store or google play store called "es File explorer". You will also need a license for your device to connect to the server.

If you purchased a device from ARCstream after December 1st 2015 we include a FREE 1 year license. This gives you 1 year to try it out and see the amazing benefits. You would have received a sticker on your box that will allow you to register your sale and device on our website. Once you registered we will email you your username, password and how to connect. If you do not want to renew the license you are under no obligation. Your device will continue to work but you will not be able to access any new software if it gets released.

If you are looking just to get a license and have your own device or purchased prior to December 2015 you will need to purchase a license from the online store. You can connect to our server from anywhere in the world. Watch the video below to get more details

The cost for a NEW License is:

First Year - $39.95 per device

Renewal fee currently is $12.95 per device

We have discounts if you have multiple devices - contact us at for details

Watch the video below that shows you how to sign up.

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