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ARCstream LIVE - Referral Program out now 1-2-3 100% FREE

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

We are introducing our first-ever referral program.

Our customers rave about the service and we have grown simply by word of mouth.

We do not advertise and self-promotions are kept to a minimum. You can get your friends and family some big discounts and as a way of saying thank you, you can get yourself some cool savings too!

First off, Thank you to everyone who has previously referred us to your friends and family. It is appreciated.

If we change or alter the referral program, we will update this post.

Last updated October 18th, 2022

What your friends and family get:

Your friends and family can now get a 30% discount on ARCstream LIVE.

This will help them try the service out and understand how it works. The discount is for new signups only and the first month only.

What you receive as a thank you:

25% credit of your service for 1 referral

50% credit of your service for 2 referrals

100% credit of your service for 3 referrals

See FAQ below if you refer more than 3 people per month.


Your referral will need to use a coupon code to get the 30% discount. This coupon is unique to you. This is how we will track your referrals.

You can request a coupon code from us using the email here please write coupon code in the subject line. If you want us to use your name or anything unique please let us know, otherwise we will make one up for you. coupons are case-sensitive so we make them all lowercase. Use a minimum of 4 letters/numbers

You can request any code, Examples like "dan46p" "mark123" "mxncg" "lisa228" etc...

We won't accept any coupon codes that we are likely to use in the future or anything that can easily be guessed like 1234

We will email you back your code within 24 hours (we aim to email back within the hour)

The referral program runs Month to Month. Resetting on the 1st of each month.


To get a 50% credit for your service for 2 referrals, two customers would need to use your coupon code in a single month.

Credit back to you

Once the month has ended, we will tabulate the results and credit you back on the 10th of each month. (no later than the 15th)

We will refund you the credit you earned 25% 50% or 100% of your last payment.

This credit and refund may change in the future depending on how easy it is to complete. There are a few ways we can handle this.


Can you just credit my future payments rather than a refund?

No, changing future payments is difficult and would need to be changed back again each time.

What if I refer more than 3 people? Do I get anything extra?

Referral credits are a way to say thanks but we understand you may have more than 3 people sign up. For every extra coupon code used, we will credit you 50% of your referrers 1st month's purchase. (ARCstream LIVE only)

What do I need to tell them about ARCstream LIVE?

Technically nothing, however, you should explain to them what it is, and how it works.

Some things you might want to mention:

  • They need a good internet connection

  • They need a good device to use it on (iPhone, android phone, tablet, Amazon Firestick, android box, etc...)

  • Letting people know that things are not always perfect.

  • Tell them we have support groups for help etc...

  • Tell them how to download our apps or where to find the information.

  • Payments are recurring each month. There are no refunds

  • Don't recommend it to your 90-year-old mother who cannot use a smartphone

  • Do not over-promise or claim the service will never have issues.

I already referred people in the past, can I get a credit?

No. The program starts on October 18th, 2022.

The person I sent to ARCstream forgot to use the coupon code, can I get a credit for my referral a post-purchase discount?

No, We cannot go back and issue credits and discounts after purchasing.

Can I refer myself to get the discount?

You must be an ARCstream LIVE subscriber to get a coupon code.

Thank you

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