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ARCstream Installer NOW LIVE

ARCstream Installer now LIVE.

This is how you can keep your devices updated from now on. We have a single program you can click to update to the latest ARCstream version. Watch the video on how to use the New Installer.

If you recently purchased "in the last few weeks" you do not need to download the new file as it is already on your devices.

How to Get it onto your device.

You will need to copy and paste the "ARCstream Installer" onto your device first from our server. It is located in the installer folder

To use the Installer, we recommend clearing the data in KODI before running the installer but this is not essential.


GO to system>Addons>Install from Zip>External Storage.

Scroll down until you see the ARCstream Installer and select.

Now press the back button until you see SYSTEM

Go to PROGRAMS>Program add-ons>ARCstream installer

Select latest build "Arcstream 6.2" wait till it downloads.

Important***You must Force KODI to close. If your unsure what that means pull the power from the device and reboot. you are now updated.

Time it takes to update your device 5 minutes usually.

If anything goes wrong we have backups on the server using the backup method.

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