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How to use an Android TV Box

There are many variations of Android Boxes on the Market today but they all work in a similar way. Not all the instructions will be exact for every android box and the layout, firmware maybe different.

If you purchased an Android Box from us there are a few things you will need to know, just to get started.

1) Connect to your WiFi if you do not have a wired connection. Got to Setting > Network - connect to your wifi.

Wire connections configure the network connection automatically.

Go to the Android home screen.

To see what apps are installed on your device, go to Apps, My Apps or you can Click on > Settings > Apps

You will now see all apps installed on your device.

From this location, when you click on an App. you can...


Launch Application - This will open the app

Force stop - If an app freezes or won't open, click this button (nothing happens) and try the app again.

Clear data - This removes all additional files inside the app but does not remove the app itself.

uninstall - If you want to uninstall an app, this is the place to go.

Clear Cache - this never normally needs to be done, but some people think it helps solve problems, i do not.

The only thing you should never do it Factory rest your device.

For more detailed information on Apps to watching, Movies, TV Shows, Sports and more....see our other instructions on the getting started page.

A few Tips>

Your remote control can also be turned into a mouse. look for the icon on the remote, after pressing it, use the navigation arrows to move the pointer. turn off when done.

We recommend using a wire Keyboard, these are small handheld keyboards that work great for these boxes.

OLD Video from 2017 below - Some things may have changed since video release.

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