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How to connect to the ARCstream Server

You can see how easy it is by using a free server account to get some basic files like ARCstream LIVE etc...use username and password below for our free basic server access.


username: arcstream

password:   72635


The ARCstream server allows you to download new software, files, and updates to your devices easily. Follow the steps below.


You will need a membership to access the main server. You can get more information about our memberships here.



Once you are issued a username and password, use that so you can get access to our main server. You will only need to enter this information once.


You must have the app ‘ES File Explorer’ installed on your device to connect to our server. Depending on your device, it will be located in the Apps or Applications section of the device. If you do not have it, you can download it from the app store.

For Amazon Devices use the voice search feature to install it.

For android devices: open the play store app and install - you may need to sign in to the app store.

If you need help downloading the app or installing es file explorer, email us for help

Open the app: ES File Explorer


This is the home screen; your screen may look different than this if a new Version is released. you may see pop up messages or ads, close them down.

ES File - Home Page.JPG

You will see a column on the left: Click on Network

ES File - Network.JPG

Now you should see some more choices, Click on FTP


Scroll down to the bottom of the left hand Column: Click on NEW

Note: If you have a hard time seeing the bottom of the screen, you should adjust your Display settings in your device. Look at our website for help and instructions.

new new.jpg

You will see another pop-up box appear. Click on FTP

ES File - FTP New.JPG

You can now enter the information in the Boxes

Click in the box ‘server’ and type in:

Click Next and leave port at 21           -         

Leave Mode as: Passive

Usernames are NOT case sensitive      -     

Passwords ARE case sensitive.

The anonymous option should NOT be checked

Enter your username and password we sent you for the Membership or use the free account if you are testing this out.

ES File - New FTP Server.JPG

You can ignore the ‘Encoding and Display as’ sections.

Now Click OK – If you typed in everything correctly then you should see a message that it was successful and see the server folder.

Email us for help if you cannot connect

To open the server, we recommend you navigate up the left hand column and be parallel with the folder. We have indicated this with a few lines in the picture above. For example: scroll up to the words network or LAN in this picture so I am next to the folder, then I can click on the right button to be able to highlight and then open the server folder.

ES File - ARCstream.JPG

The server is for updates, new files, fixes, applications, and any new files that can help you. We can virtually put any software on there for you to download and we also take requests. Got an app you want on your device? we can get it for you in most cases. Just ask.

The server does not affect the way your device works or how well it streams. You do not need server. It is only there to help you stay updated and to help you fix any issue your device may be having.


Thank you

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