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Everyone needs help and we are here for you.


To make things easier for you we suggest you read our latest news page first as important messages may be here. CLICK HERE to go to the latest news blog.

Another place you should check out is out Updates Page. This will show you how to update your device if you have not been keeping it up to date. It is very simple to do. CLICK HERE to go to the updates page

If you are on facebook.....join our new help group....CLICK HERE

Help and Fixes


This page is here to help you solve problems. Most issues can be resolved by following the simple steps below.  Go through some of our basic problem solving tips and video's. if your problem or question is not answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Some videos are made for specific devices, while others are general videos that apply to all devices. Thank you

Streams not Working. Buffering?

There are a few simple steps you need to take to make sure your device runs smoothly.


IMPORTANT:  Check your internet.....I cannot stress this enough. Your device will not tell you if your internet is slow or disconnected. Do not look at your phone to see if your connected. Test the connection by using the up another app or open a browser on your device....make sure other apps that require internet are working correctly (open YouTube etc...)


Make sue you have the latest KODI version. If you do not know what version you have, watch the welcome video for your device on the GETTING STARTED PAGE




If you have both updated, shut KODI down and unplug your device from the power, wait 10 seconds and restart it.


Next, Unplug your Router from the power - leave it unplugged for 30 seconds and then restart. This should be done, once a month to clear any stored data.


Contact us if none of these steps fix your issue

Missing Apps

You can download New (or old) apps from or server or use the ARCstream App on your deivce.


You can only get server access if you have a membership

How to download apps using our server

Paper copy of your instructions

If you have not read the printed instructions for your device, please do so as this will help you with problems you may be having. You can download them from the Getting Started Page. There is a large section of TIPs and Tricks that will also assist you.




If you get a grey screen when trying to load KODI, you should use the force stop button. Just press it, wait 5 seconds and reload KODI. HERE IS THE VIDEO. If you have an Amazon Fire, the force stop button is located just below LAUNCH APPLICATION. If you are using an android box WATCH THIS VIDEO

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