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ARCstream APP

The ARCstream App will allow you to get New apps and software onto your device easily. No codes, no urls's etc...

Most importantly - you will be able to install NEW versions on our KODI Quick setup file, our LIVE TV App and more.

Simply use our app to pick and choose what you want installed onto your device.

IF you do not have the ARCstream App on your device, we can help.


You can get the ARCstream app on your device completely free.  We will show you the different ways you can install depending on your device.


CLICK TO LEARN about the various ways to install our App

To see if you have the app installed on your device.

For Amazon devices: click settings, then click Applications, then click on Manage installed applications. You should see ARCstream in the list

For Android Devices: Click on Settings, click on Apps, ARCstream will be in the list if installed.

app picture.JPG

How to install Updates and New Applications to your device using the ARCstream APP Installer.

You can watch a video demonstration of this app HERE


Open the ARCstream App

The app may need to get some updates first, please wait 20 sounds after seeing this screen before clicking on anything.


After you have waited 20 seconds, Click on “click here”  If it does not have this screen skip the next 4 steps.


​​​​​​Click on the update link


Click on Update Now


The download will start and only take a few seconds.  Click OK, once complete. The app will close down.


Open the ARCstream APP again and you will see the updates and Main screen.


Open the News and Updates section to see whats new.

news and info.JPG

Click on a section and then the file you want. (i use the LIVE TV section for this example)


When you click on the file it will ask if you want to install.  I am using Mobdro as an example.

 Click Yes


Click on install. (your screen may look different depending on your device)


Click Done


Congratulations, you have installed your NEW APP. Now press the back button until you exit the file explorer. You can find your new app in the app section or application section of your device.

Close the ARCstream app after finishing. This will help to make sure it stays updated.

To close the APP scroll down to the bottom of the app and click either of the two icons shown below to close the APP



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